Ep #108: 3 Unexpected Reasons To Launch Your Membership Today

entreprenuer marketing chaos membership milestones Apr 04, 2022


Milestone #5 for creating a profitable membership is Launching! This is all about get paying members in, starting to work with them and getting them results!

In this episode we are looking at the 3 Unexpected Reasons To Launch Your Membership Today (other than money). The reasons are:

  1. INTEL. Nothing beats having paying people in your program when it comes to getting useful information on creating your content and what to deliver + how to market and message to your audience based on real live paying people’s data and feedback.
  2. COMMITMENT. Nothing lights a fire under your bum like paying people who are there expecting you to deliver what you said you’d deliver.
  3. TRACKING. If you start your membership today - in a year you’ll have a full year’s worth of data and tracking metrics that is going to be super valuable to you.

The benchmark for this milestone is... I have opened the doors to my membership/program and have paying members inside that I am helping get results and solve problems (internal and external). I have also now started tracking all relevant metrics.



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