Ep #117: Why Adding Another Offer is Cheating Yourself Out of Growth

entreprenuer marketing chaos offers May 05, 2022

Niche-hopping or adding new offers is a band-aid solution that is cheating yourself out of growth. What problem are you avoiding or not tackling by doing this?

When you start out there is the fun part, the creative part, and maybe you even enjoy the instituting, connecting, and getting sales.

But eventually you will hit a ceiling/wall and it gets harder. What happens then?

Do you switch audiences or niches again? Do you just add another offer and sell to the same people? See in a way this will trick you into thinking that you are growing … when really you are not.

In this episode, let’s talk about the 3 pillars to your business and where you might actually have an underlying issue causing this “offer hopping”.


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