Ep #83: Why All 2022 Marketing Predictions Will Fail

2022 marketing online business predictions Jan 06, 2022

 What is it that makes people think that there's ever gonna be predictability and certainty in life or in business? If anything, I think that COVID should have taught us that there's nothing we can really predict.

There's no guarantees in life. There's no job security, there's no certainty. And what is it about that that is so desirable? What is it that people think that they will get out of these predictions for what will happen? If it was true and they could say marketing predictions for 2022: short form videos are going to be the best thing that you can do and only spend your money on ads that do this type of engagement. If they were 100% accurate and I could rely on them, then I wouldn't have to ask questions of my own knowing and look at my own awareness. And that would be way easier.

Wouldn't it? Hmmm....

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You're listening to the marketing chaos podcast, episode number 83. So it's the first week in January and it's 2022 and a few weeks ago, my email inbox was completely flooded with marketing predictions for 2022. And I was like the first one I think I opened and I read and I downloaded a guide and I was like, this is very strange. Why is everyone trying to predict 2022? And I thought, wow, people must really wanna know what's going to happen. People must really want the certainty based off of the uncertainty that has been the last two years of global pandemic land. And I just had to have a chuckle because I thought this is kind of ridiculous. What is it that makes people think that there's ever gonna be predictability and certainty in life or in business? If anything, I think that COVID should have taught us that there's nothing we can really predict.


There's no guarantees in life. There's no job security, there's no certainty. And what is it about that that is so desirable? What is it that people think that they will get out of these predictions for what will happen? And obviously I, I get it, if it was true and they could say marketing prediction for 2022, uh, short form videos are going to be the best thing that you can do and only spend your money on ads that do this type of engagement. And this is the audience that you need to focus on and this type of creative and send this many emails and do all of these things. And if those predictions were possible and they were accurate and they were true and I could rely on them, then I wouldn't have to ask questions of my own knowing and look at my own awareness. And that would be way easier. Wouldn't it? Well, sure. I guess if someone could tell me exactly what was going to happen in the next year and I could make my offers according to that, and it was going to be a hundred percent accurate. I can see the value of that. And, you know, I, I get it like the tendency to wanna know what's going to happen and be prepared for it and not have to live with a insecure feeling or a doubtful feeling or a


Lack of knowing where my money is going to come from and how much is going to come in. That's really uncomfortable. And I can definitely see the value in wanting that to go away. However, the only true, source is in total awareness. And the only way that you're going to get aware is by trusting what, you know, not by listening to someone else's prediction. So whether it's a marketing fortune teller or a street poem reader, or something else or someone else that's telling you what you should believe, I just wanna add something to that. And that is a question that you can ask, and that is a willingness to develop a muscle for your, and this muscle is something that I've been building in my own world since, uh, forever, but really dynamically. I went to school to become a psychologist. And then I learned about the world of holistic health and Chinese medicine.


And I became an acupuncturist. And from there, I practiced acupuncture and, and learned all about meridians and energy flows and, and that sort of thing. And then I found access consciousness where I learned how to be facilitated into knowing what I know and to asking questions and following the energy. And I really got a D and level of school than I did in my master's program for acupuncture. Uh, when I became an access facilitator and started actually down that path of self-awareness and this question, actually, I really got dynamically the value in when we found out that I was pregnant and that was a surprise. It was seven years ago now. And I wasn't planning on having children, especially not at that moment, but I was in Australia and it came to light that I was, and I was a big not to mention going to the doctor's office to confirm if I truly was pregnant only to find out that I was having twins.


Imagine that I still, I will never forget the moment. And I couldn't, my legs, you know, went to jelly. I probably would've fainted if I wasn't being held up by my husband and I, uh, yeah, it was a shock. So when that occurred, you know, because it was such a shock and we weren't set up in any respect to have children, you know, I, I started asking questions and I started asking if I actually choose this pregnancy and to have these kids, what will my life be like in five years? And he won, often ask his own questions. I think this was before we found out there were two of them. So the question was, if you know, we have this baby, what will our lives be like in five years? And what will our lives be like in 10 years, in 50 years, in a hundred years.


And when you ask a question like that, you don't get an answer. You're not looking for an answer. You're looking for the energy that comes up and a sense of that energy. And then I asked if I have this kid, who are these kids, what will the world be like in five years and 10 years, 50 years, a hundred years. And I, I, the sense of change that the kids that I knew well, that baby at the time I thought was one was gonna bring to this world. It brought me to tears. And I, and I just knew, I knew that this is the right choice for me. So it wasn't something that was predicted or, or, or certain it wasn't something I had planned. It was somewhere. Obviously I had chosen it without a cognitive awareness that I was choosing it. If you had asked me, I would've definitely not said that I was choosing that.


However, I was, because that's what we created. And yet when we both asked, it was so light and so expansive, and he said the same thing, their dad said the same thing when he went off and asked his own questions. And we were both like, wow, that's weird. That's really strange. That's so light. How can it be so light? It's something that we didn't plan. It's not something we have any way to predict, or how are we gonna do this? We don't even know what tomorrow is gonna be, let alone what we're gonna, how we're gonna raise twins, but it was so light, and so expansive. And I knew that that was the choice that we were gonna make. So when you are making a choice, I encourage you to ask questions around it and get a sense of the energy. But here is a caution, be careful not to come to any conclusions with the energy that comes up.


And here's what we do. It's like, we will ask a question, we'll get a sense of the energy and we'll get the awareness of it and then conclude it. We'll put it into a statement of fact and we'll stop it right then and there from ever having any other possibilities and we'll stop our awareness of that thing that could actually change. So bringing this back into business, although we are talking about asking questions and, and some could say, this is a bit woo, and this is like, woo, we're talking about energy and this is woo, woo. This is one of the most proud meaning. It is tangible. It is something that you can actually do that will work if you use it. It's a tool that you use energy is, is just as real to me as, uh, the chair I'm sitting in as the air I'm breathing is it's in everything.


So when I talk about energy, if you develop your own ability to perceive and know, and receive, perceive no, and be, and receive energy, it can be your guiding light. It can be your guiding, your personal fortune teller. You won't need any marketing predictions. You won't need any fortune teller Palm reader. You will ask a question, you'll get a sense of the energy and not going to a conclusion about, oh, that is that. That is the way it is. It will always be that way. That's the answer, but still asking questions, never stopping, asking questions. This becomes the way you live your life. So, whereas predictions are always based on the past. A prediction comes from data from the past. What does that mean? That means you're taking something that happened in the past that no longer exists. It's not even real any longer, but we continue to hold it in place by deciding that it's real and that recreating it every single moment.


So that we hold that past in existence. How much does that limit? What can you create in the future? Only about a high hundred million percent. So if you are willing to go beyond that and not create from a past and a prediction of a future, what is gonna be possible for you is not going to be predictable. What if that was a good thing? What if that was a great thing? What if going beyond the definition and the predictability was the way superstars are created, the way that every great invention has been made, the way that the four minute mile was broken, the way that everything great has come to existence has been not from going on in the past, not from predictable reality, not from what other people told you was the way it should work or what was possible, but comes from fricking nowhere almost comes from space and energy and creation and possibility and consciousness and consciousness like energy is in every molecule in everything.


So when we look at creation of your business and why predictions will fail, what do you do instead? Well, one thing that's really pragmatic is to look at what shows up and say, and ask, and really be in the question of how does it get any better than this, for everything that shows up. And this is a question that is in access consciousness, and it's something that I learned many, many years ago. And there's a great story that Gary Douglas, founder of access talks about someone coming to class and hearing this question, how does it get any better than this? And asking it, you know, when they left the class, they saw, uh, a penny on the floor and, and said, oh, I picked it up. How's it getting better than this? You know, went into the elevator, found, you know, a dime on the floor and was like, oh, how does it get any better than this?


And kept asking as they left, the building went, you know, decided to go in a cab instead of taking the bus, because they had found, you know, a $20 bill on the road or whatever, and, and got out of the cab and found a diamond bracelet on the ground. I think I'm paraphrasing. But basically by asking this question, how does it get any better than this? And something greater show up? How, how does it get any better than this something greater show up? How does it get any better than this found this diamond bracelet and then went, wow, that's as good as it is. And guess what happened? Work, insert records, screech sound, it stopped the energy. It stopped everything from creating. Now that person could have owned the world. If they had really been asking, how does it get any better from that space of question?


Not just saying the words, but really being in that base of question win, no matter what shows up now, here's the other flip side of that. When something not good shows up, you put a class out there or you put your offer or your course, and no one buys, how does it get any better than that? Well, same thing. It's, it's gotta get better. You wanna give the job of your thing to get better? You wanna give the universe instructions and by asking questions, how does it get any better than this? So that's one really pragmatic thing. Like literally asking that question and being that energy of allowing it to get better, not concluding it, that's it it's done. That's as good as it can get. Doesn't get any better than this. Please don't ever say that you wanna always ask, how does it get any better than this?


And how does it get better and greater than you've ever imagined? Because our imagination like predictions is limited based on what past information and that's your job of your brain by the way, is to give you solutions based on information from the past, from input that it already has. It's like literally the Facebook algorithm, it takes information from the past and data and it computes it. That's your brain's job to compute. And it delivers to you a solution based on the past. What happens when you instill chaos into that whole system? By asking a question, is that it kind of like fries that circuit and doesn't compute. But what it does do is it allows something that hasn't ever existed before to show up. Now, this conversation is probably really making sense to some of you and really not making sense to others of you.


And that's a good thing. If it's sounding like Greek mixed with Latin scrambled and spoken backwards, then you might wanna listen to this again, but not try and figure it out because your logic in your brain and your mind can only compute what it already knows and what it has already learned. So when you get new information <affirmative>, and trust me, when I say this is actually very practical and pragmatic, because when you take it and you use it and you apply it in your daily decision making in your choices that you make on a day to day basis for your business, it changes everything because you're actually in question now you're actually looking at possibilities. You're actually considering something that goes beyond the normal, real average that everyone else is functioning from. And that's where you go. And you're just like this total outlier.


I have this one student and I don't know if she'll listen to this, but she'll know who she is. If she does, I call her my unicorn and she truly is because she does everything that wrong. She does everything wrong. Let me just say she does it wrong, according to this reality. And it works like crazy for her is not supposed to. She does things like she puts out a lot of free content and doesn't ever really tell them to buy the paid thing, but then they all buy. It's like, you're not supposed to do that. She does things like she has a membership and she offered it the first time and made six figures just off of like one law launch that you're not supposed to do that. And she didn't quote know what she was doing. I gave her an idea.


She came to my market, um, membership, launch accelerator, and we had a chat and I looked at the energy of what she was doing, that wasn't working. It gave her an idea and she goes, oh yeah, that works. And she created it like out of thin air and it just went and she continues to do that. And then I'll give her other ideas and she'll try them out. And they don't work. And she'll try and do things like last time she did a challenge and people were just buying the membership straight off the bat without going through the challenge. And she's like, there's, you know, they're not interested in this. They just wanna go straight to the membership. So I said, okay, cool. Scrap the challenge. Like, they don't need it. Your people just want what you're selling. They don't need to go through this.


Like, it's sort of, uh, it's just extra work. Like do it. If it's fun for you do it for the sake of doing the actual, she was doing like a five day body challenge. And I said, well, do it for the sake of, you know, take away the job of the challenge to sell your membership. And we looked at that. I said, well, what if you stopped giving it that job? And she's like, oh, it would actually grow. So she's like, okay, she fired the job of the challenge. And she said, look, challenge. And we do this. We’re weird. Like we talk to things and, uh, and I think it's good. You should try talking to your things too. So she's like, okay, challenge. Like I'm firing the, the job I gave you to sell all this membership and you get to just be you.


And then it, and it actually took off. And it, and it became greater. And her membership became greater too. Like she made another, uh, I think 50 grand or something off of this launch. And she keeps doing things that are, um, not supposed to work and doing them the wrong way. And I'm like, you know what? You're just a unicorn. You basically just like to function from a different place. So, and I love it. And I love that the rules do not apply to her. And the only kind of rule that sort of does apply is that if it's fun for her, it makes her lots of money. <affirmative> and you would've heard this, if you listened to the last episode on marketing chaos. And, uh, I gave this as a recommendation and I think it's a good one. Money follows joy. So if you're not having fun in what you're creating for your business, whether that is a cha challenge or a webinar or a podcast or a Facebook live, or you're writing an email, whatever, stop and ask a question, you know, not everything we do a hundred percent of the time is fun.


Like yesterday, I had to look at my books, you know, to prepare our quarterly taxes. And I had to go through and my keep, her had written notes for me. And I had to go through like transactions and, you know, tell her what things were. And like, is that the most fun way I wanted to really spend my afternoon yesterday, new, but I had a margarita while I was doing it. And that made it more fun and I actually was just like, okay, look, I'm gonna spend an hour doing this. It might suck. It might be fine. It's not probably gonna be my most funnest hour ever, but I'm gonna do it because I know it's gonna create something greater. And that is also required, you know? So doing what works is being pragmatic and allowing your business to change based on what is fun for you is also pragmatic because it's going to make you a lot of money.


So coming, bringing it back to why the 2022 predictions will fail and what to do. Instead, what to do said is to start asking questions, look at possibilities, receive the contribution of the information based on the past, but don't come to conclusion about it and really develop your energetic sense of what is possible if you choose things. And if you don't. So one really pragmatic tool you can do is ask that question that I gave you already, which is, if I choose this, what will my life be like in X amount of years? Now you can do this for big things, for little things, for everything in between. And once you start doing this and asking this question at the beginning, it will be sort of a pain. Like you'll have to stop and ask a question and try and figure, you know, work out like, okay, what was the energy?


And I recommend you do it quickly and not try and figure it out, cuz that means you're going into your head and, and thinking your awareness is much faster than thinking your awareness is like a lightning bolt. So you'll get the awareness right away. Don't go into your head and think of about it. Just sense it and do this practice with small things. So I guess it's a medium type of thing would be like, where are we going to live? We have been renting here in Australia and uh, moving quite a bit. And when we move, we look at the options and what's available. And one thing we do is we, if we go see a house and we think, okay, this, this could work. We actually make the choice to move there, but we don't actually make the choice to move there.


So what do I mean? So like, let's say we're, we, we found a house. We like it, but we're not quite sure. So we ask, um, the question, okay, if we move here, what, what will our lives be like? And we actually make the choice energetically. Okay. Right. We're moving here. And then we don't actually sign a lease or anything like that. But we kind of like in our own world, right. For one day, we're gonna live as if we've made that decision. So we're moving into this house. And then what that allows you to do is, is have the awareness as if it's real, that you have made the choice to move into that house without having to pack up all your stuff, get into a truck, sign a lease, and be committed. So we do that whenever we move and we imagine, okay, we're moving into this house.


And then we live as if that's true. So I think, okay, now let me look at my kitchen. Where's everything gonna fit? Okay. The pool is like, oh, when we gonna have a party, where's everyone. And I kind of like see the kids rooms. And I think about, okay, tomorrow when we wake up, I'm getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast. And it's like, I'm living there, but without having to actually live there and what happens every single time, I get more awareness. And then it doesn't usually even take a day. Uh, I will get the awareness whether or not I wanna make that choice. And then if it's a no, then I'll go back to you like the house hunt. Right. So it's sort of like, what will my life be like if I choose this, but actually making that choice energetically, and then living from that space, you don't even have to tell anybody else, you can do this all in your own head and living from that space of having made that choice and seeing the awareness and, and perceiving what comes up from making that choice with it's like a no risk <laugh> because then you just, you get that awareness and then you can make either really make that choice, like in, uh, reality and sign the lease and all of that or not.


So it's sort of a risk free investment in your time and energy. And it's a way that it will allow you not to have to rely on predictions, but on your own awareness and how to develop that awareness. Now you could start smaller with like, okay, which restaurant do I go to for lunch or which, you know, meal, if I eat this one or this one and just play with it and have it be fun and have it be a game and see what you can like I would say learn, but it's not about having a lesson. It's about building this muscle. So think about your energetic training. Like you would train your body and you know, if you're gonna start going to the gym, you're gonna, it's gonna take you a while for that muscle to become more fully developed and stronger and bigger and more robust.


And you'll start to be able to lift heavier weights. And if I think about back to when I started asking questions and getting awareness, and now the muscle has gotten so much greater, it's gotten so much faster, I'll get the awareness so much quicker and you will too. This isn't something that certain people have and other people don't, it's something that everyone can develop. If they're willing to come out of having to have an answer, having to have it right. Having to get things a certain way, right or wrong, and really being in this way of what's possible. How can I play with this? The unicorn student that I have, she's brilliant at this. I will ask her a question. She looks at the internet and she goes, oh, yes or no. And that's it. And she trusts her awareness. So that's the other piece is that whatever comes up that trust and trust, not from, oh, I must get this right trust from, okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with what I know and I don't have to get it right.


And no matter what happens, what occurs from that choice, I will have more awareness. You can never ever get it wrong when your target is having more awareness. And I know that the more awareness that I've had, the more, the choices I've made have created the life and living that I really wanna live, not this other thing that I was living before. I was asking questions where I was always looking for someone else to tell me, tell me what to do. Tell me the solution. I would like go to psychics and I would look at my horoscope and I would try and figure out the planets and the, you know, ask, you know, my coach for advice and my therapist for advice and my parents for advice and my everyone, but my, myself. And now I have this tool and lots of tools to build this muscle of awareness.


And that is something that no one can take away from me. And that is something that will always win above and beyond any predictions, including the 2022 marketing predictions. So I recommend, I urge you to start building this muscle of awareness by asking questions, instill chaos in your business, by asking questions, embrace the chaos, allow it to be out of control, which I probably could do a whole nother episode and probably will on being out of control in your business and why that's a good thing, not a bad thing, much like chaos, not something to run away from and avoid at all costs, but something to embrace and, and still more of, because it's gonna be way more fun, but that's the story for another time. Thanks for listening today. And I will see you next time. Bye for now.


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